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  • Zinc Plated Wedge Anchor Information about the 1/2" Wedge Anchor
    March 2013

    Information about the 1/2" wedge anchor, presented by Bob Carlisle, President of Confast brand...

  • Wedge Anchor Confast Brand
    January 2013

    The confast brands of concrete fasteners are the brand names used by Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc. with its world headquarters...

  • Wedge Anchor 316 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Wedge Anchors
    November 2012

    Stainless steel wedge anchors are designed for use in moist, wet environments. When the application is indoors or in a dry environment, use...

  • Zinc Plated Trubolt Brand Wedge Anchor Fastenal Trubolt
    October 2012

    The Trubolt® is Redhead’s brand of wedge anchor that is sold to Fastenal for resale to the public. This exact anchor is available for purchase at Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc. While the...

  • Wedge Anchor - 316 Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel Wedge Anchor
    August 2012

    Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc. stocks a complete line of 316 stainless steel wedge anchors. The 316 stainless steel wedge anchor is primarily used in...

  • Concrete Fastening What Fasteners to Use in Concrete.
    July 2012

    Several factors must be considered when determining the optimal fastener to use when fastening an item to concrete...

  • Hex Head Concrete Screw Types of Concrete Screws
    June 2012

    Concrete screws are a type of fastener that taps threads into a predrilled hole in concrete and other masonry base materials, such as

  • Distributors of Concrete Fasteners Fastener Distributors
    June 2012

    If customer come in to your business asking to buy concrete fasteners, you should be contacting Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc.

  • When Should Wedge Anchors be used?
    May 2012

    Wedge anchors provide the highest and most consistent holding values in concrete for any mechanical type expansion anchor on ...

  • Concrete Fastener Distributors
    May 2012

    Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc. is the one source for the concrete fastener needs of companies that buy and sell fasteners.

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