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  • Hilti Wedge Anchors - Kwik Bolt Hilti Wedge Anchors
    December 2011

    The Hilti wedge anchor, called the Kwik-Bolt, also has a number of other related products called the Kwik-Bolt 3 as well as the...

  • Wedge Anchor - Trubolt Trubolt +® Seismic Wedge Type Anchor
    December 2011

    The Trubolt® seismic wedge type anchor is designed for anchoring to concrete and should not be used in other masonry materials such as brick or block. The Trubolt® seismic wedge type anchor is...

  • Wedge Anchor What is a wedge anchor used for?
    November 2011

    Wedge anchors are used in many different types of applications and are designed for fastening an object to concrete. The base material must be concrete because...

  • Anchors for Cement Cement Anchor
    November 2011

    Cement anchors are fasteners designed to attach an item to cement. Cement anchors hold items to concrete using two basic...

  • Wedge Type Anchors Can wedge Anchors be used in other base material other than concrete?
    November 2011

    The wedge anchor is designed for the sole use in solid concrete and should not be used in other base materials such as brick or CMU block. The wedge anchor has an expansion...

  • Wedge Anchor Threads How not to damage threads on a wedge anchor during installation
    November 2011

    Installing a wedge anchor requires that it be hammered into a hole in solid concrete. The design of the wedge anchor is such that it can be inserted...

  • Stainless Steel Wedge Anchor When to Use Stainless Steel Wedge Anchors
    November 2011

    Stainless Steel wedge anchors are manufactured for use in solid concrete and are made from either a 303, 304 or 316. All are in stock at...

  • Tapcon Screw How do I determine the size of bit needed for my Tapcon® screw?
    November 2011

    The size of the bit is determined by the size of the Tapcon® being installed. There are two dimensions that need to be determined: the...

  • Hex headed Tapcon Screw What are other names for Tapcons?
    November 2011

    Tapcon is a brand name owned by a company called ITW Buildex. Many people call all concrete screws Tapcons because the name Tapcon has become associated...

  • Wedge Anchor When to Use A Wedge Anchor
    November 2011

    A wedge anchor can be used for many applications after a number of considerations are taken into account. Before deciding on...

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