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  • Sleeve Anchor - Block Anchor Block Anchor
    September 2011

    The most versatile block anchor with the most consistent holding values is the sleeve anchor. Sleeve Anchors have many features...

  • Expansion Shields Expansion Shield
    September 2011

    The term expansion shield is used to describe a masonry anchor that requires the use of a bolt, lag screw or setting tool to expand...

  • Hex Head Blue Screw Blue Screws
    September 2011

    Blue screws refer to the name given to the Tapcon® brand concrete screw because they are plated in a

  • Tapcom Concrete Screw - Flat Head Tapcom
    September 2011

    Tapcom is the wrong spelling for a product called Tapcon. Tapcon is a self-tapping concrete screw designed for...

  • Domestic Wedge Anchor Domestic Anchors
    August 2011

    Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc stocks a complete line of domestic wedge anchors and drop-in anchors. Both domestic anchors are...

  • Rawl Wedge Anchor Rawl
    August 2011

    Rawlplug, a company founded in England about 90 years ago by John J. Rawlings, is credited with starting the world’s first fixing company and...

  • Brick Fasteners Best Brick Anchors
    August 2011

    There are a number of different fasteners that work well in brick. Each has features and benefits that may work well in some applications but...

  • Wedge Anchor - Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Wedges
    July 2011

    Stainless steel wedge are manufactured from three different types of stainless steel: 303, 304 or 316. Concrete Fasteners, Inc. carries stainless steel...

  • Trubolt Wedge Anchor - RedHead Redhead Trubolt
    July 2011

    The Redhead trubolt is a wedge anchor manufactured by ITW RedHead and sold under the brand name of Trubolt. All Trubolt wedge anchors...

  • Tapcon Masonry Anchors
    June 2011

    Masonry anchors, referred to as Tapcons, are screws that that tap threads into masonry base material. Masonry materials include solid concrete, brick, mortar joints, and block...

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