Drywall Anchors

Drywall Anchors

Drywall Anchors

Drywall anchors are fasteners that are best used for mounting items on drywall surfaces. Use them to keep your wall mounted items securely in place. They can be used for mounting items to drywall, sheetrock, gypsum, dry wall, wallboard, or plasterboard.

We carry simple self-drilling drywall anchors that are nylon or zinc plated. In addition, there are hollow wall anchors that can be used in medium to heavy applications.

Plastic Expansion Anchors and Ribbed Bantam Anchors 

Light to medium-weight items such as picture frames, small shelves, and mirrors. These anchors expand when a screw is driven into them, creating a tight grip on the drywall.

The Bantam Anchor Kit includes Phillips head screws, anchors, and a drill bit, and can be used in light to medium weight applications.

Self-Drilling Anchors (Threaded Anchors)

Medium-weight items such as curtain rods, towel bars, and coat hooks. These anchors have sharp, threaded tips that cut into the drywall as you screw them in, eliminating the need for a pilot hole.

Toggle Bolts

Heavy items such as large mirrors, shelving units, and TV brackets. Toggle bolts consist of a bolt and a pair of spring-loaded wings that open behind the drywall for maximum holding power.

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