Is it safe to get products from CONFAST without being exposed to the COVID19 virus?

Yes, it is safe to receive and handle products ordered and shipped from CONFAST without fear of being exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Products are received prepackaged. Warehouse employees are wearing gloves to handle orders. Hand sanitizers are readily available for frequent hand hygiene. Employees are monitoring their temperatures and the warning symptoms of this novel virus illness in order to stay home if warranted.


Why is CONFAST permitted to remain open during the pandemic while many businesses are shut down?

CONFAST is considered an essential business by the state of Ohio because it supplies products used for construction, government agencies and hospitals. Fastener products are being shipped throughout the world as businesses adjust to the needs brought about by social distancing and increased health care demands.


How is the CONFAST business following strict CDC guidelines?

Non-essesential employees, such as the technology support team, have been self-quarantined at their homes since March 23 when the Ohio Stay At Home Act began. They are continuing to fulfill their work responsibilities from home, joining many other Americans who are working remotely.


How are CONFAST warehouse employees kept protected and safe?

Truck deliveries and “will-call” pickup orders are being done without direct contact between the people involved.

Hand sanitizers and fresh gloves are being used constantly, with an abundant supply of both hand sanitizer and gloves available for use. Each employee has their own workspace and are working normal hours in their routine roles.



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