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Strike Anchors are designed for anchoring into concrete. Insert the Strike Anchor into a pre-drilled hole in the concrete. Set the anchor by striking the nail into the anchor. The nail expands the Strike Anchor in the concrete.

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Picture of 5/8" x 6" Strike Anchor, 25/Box SA586 25 per box 5/8" Ships Today $108.45
Picture of 3/4" x 5" Strike Anchor, 20/Box SA345 20 per box 3/4" Ships Today $99.99
Picture of 3/4" x 6" Strike Anchor, 15/Box SA346 15 per box 3/4" Ships Today $249.15
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Strike Anchors


• CONFAST® Strike anchors should be used only in solid concrete and should never be installed in any other type of masonry material.
• Never install the CONFAST® Strike anchor in ACQ treated lumber.
• Perfect for use where consistent embedment and protrusion above the surface is critical.
• Visually inspectable due to the positive drive and positive setting of the anchor.


• No special tools required. Simply drill the hole in the concrete, insert the CONFAST® Strike anchor into the hole and drive the nail until the head of the nail meets the anchor body.
• The proper size hole to be drilled in the concrete is the same diameter as the anchor that is being installed.
• Minimum depth of the hole in the concrete is 1/2" deeper than the minimum depth of embedment for the diameter of CONFAST® Strike anchor being installed.
• CONFAST® Strike anchor can be installed either through a fixture hole with the fixture in place or prior to placing the fixture over the anchor.


• It is very important to remember that all concrete fasteners, including the CONFAST® Strike anchor, derive all of their holding values from the concrete that they are installed in.
• All holding values quoted are offered only as a guideline and are not guaranteed.
• A rule of thumb for fastening to concrete is that the larger the diameter and the deeper the embedment then the greater the holding values that may be obtained.


• CONFAST® Strike anchors come in six diameters of 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"and a wide variety of lengths that will meet most application requirements.
• Each box of anchors comes packaged with nuts and washers. The number of anchors in a box varies depending on the length and diameter of the anchor.
• The length of the anchor is measured as an overall length with the body of the anchor being threaded for a portion of its length.

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