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Confast® Screws

Concrete Screws ~ Confast®

Technical Information:

The CONFAST™ brand concrete screw is designed to tap threads into a predrilled hole in masonry base materials such as concrete, brick or block.

  • For use in concrete, brick, block
  • Standard Blue CONFAST™
  • Diameters: 3/16” and 1/4”
  • Lengths from 1-1/4” to 6”
  • Hex slotted washer head or flat phillips countersunk head
  • 3/16” diameter requires a 5/32” bit
  • 1/4” diameter requires a 3/16” bit
  • Fluorocarbon coated for rust resistance
  • Simple installation
  • Hi-lo® threads
  • Reversible and removable
  • Successful installation close to edge of concrete
  • Installed through hole in fixture


For use in most masonry materials such as concrete, brick, block and mortar joints.


  1. Using the correct diameter carbide drill bit that meets ANSI standards, drill a hole in the base material using a hammer drill, ensuring that it is set in the hammer and rotation mode. The 3/16” screw requires a 5/32” bit; 1/4” screw requires a 3/16” bit.
  2. Drill the depth of the hole to a minimum of 1/4” deeper than the CONFAST™ concrete screw will penetrate the base material. This allows space for any dust created during the installation to fall out of the way.
  3. Clean the hole of all dust using a wire brush, vacuum or compressed air.
  4. Place the item being fastened over the hole and align the hole in the fixture with the hole in the base material.
  5. Insert the CONFAST™ concrete screw point first through the hole in the item being fastened and into the hole in the base material.
  6. Using a drill or screw driver, turn the CONFAST™ concrete screw clockwise. Apply slight pressure allowing the threads to tap the base material. The drivers for the flat head CONFAST™ concrete screws consist of a #2 for the 3/16” and a #3 for the 1/4”. The hex CONFAST™ concrete screw requires a 1/4” driver for the 3/16” and a 5/16” driver for the 1/4”.
  7. The fastening is completed after the head of the CONFAST™ concrete screw is snug against the item being fastened. It is very important that the screw is not over torqued because the screw may start to spin or shear off.

Length of Screw:

  • Minimum length is determined by adding the thickness of the material being fastened to the minimum embedment of 1”
  • Maximum length of screw used for any applications is determined by adding the thickness of the material being fastened to the minimum embedment of 1-3/4”

Head Types

Hex Washer and Flat Phillips Countersunk

Hole Size

  • 3/16” diameter requires a 5/32” hole
  • 3/16” diameter requires a 5/32” hole

Hole In Fixture

  • Minimum of 1/4” for the 3/16 diameter
  • Minimum of 5/16” for the for the 1/4” diameter

Minimum Embedment

  • 1"

Maximum Embedment

  • 1-3/4"

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