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ConFlex® Masonry Screw

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ConFlex® is the brand name for Elco's concrete screws, which are American made and available in 3/8" or 1/2" diameter.


For use in most masonry materials such as concrete, brick, block or mortar joints. The 1/2" diameter ConFlex® should not be used in hollow block CMU.

Head Style

Described as a hex washer head, requires the use of a 9/16" driver for the 3/8" and a 3/4" driver for the 1/2" diameter. The washer diameter measures 11/16" on the 3/8" and 1" on the 1/2".

Hole Diameter

The hole drilled in the masonry material must be slightly smaller than the diameter of ConFlex® being installed. The hole should be drilled with a carbide tipped bit that meets ANSI standard and used in a hammer drill which is set in the hammer and rotation mode.

Depth of Hole

The depth of the hole in the masonry must be a minimum of 1” deeper than the ConFlex® will penetrate. This will ensure that the screw will not bottom out in the hole, even after the material created during the installation process falls into it.

Minimum Embedment for ConFlex Screws

Both diameters of ConFlex® screws must be installed in the masonry at a minimum distance to obtain minimum holding values. The 3/8” must be installed at least 1-1/2” and the 1/2” a minimum of 2-1/2” into the masonry material.

Fixture Thickness

The maximum thickness of the material to be fastened for any length ConFlex® masonry screw is determined by subtracting the minimum embedment depth for the diameter screw being installed from the length of the screw.

Hole in Fixture

The hole in the fixture must be larger than the diameter of the ConFlex® being installed. A 3/8” requires the hole in the fixture to be 7/16” and the 1/2” requires a 9/16” hole in the fixture.


The description of a ConFlex® screw is made up of two numbers; the first number is the diameter and the second number is the length.

Length of Screw

The length of the ConFlex® masonry screw is measured from underneath the head.


Lengths up to 4” are packaged 50 pieces per box, longer lengths are packaged 25 pieces per box.

Performance Data

Holding values are published by the manufacturer and can be found by clicking on the link, then click on the ConFlex® Flyer link.


Each ConFlex® is coated with a Silver Stalgard finish that provides exceptional corrosion resistance (1,000 hours without red rust in a salt spray testing per ASTM B117)

Mechanical Properties

The tensile yield is 92,000KSI min. (grade 5) and the ultimate tensile is 120,000 KSI min. (grade 5)

Dimensional Properties

3/8" Diameter 1/2" Diameter
Thread O. D. .430 Thread O. D. .525
Thread Root .345 Thread Root .405
Unthreaded Shank .345 Unthreaded Shank .405
Head Marked with length in inches Head Marked with length in inches


Click on the link to purchase the name brand Tapcon® screw; call 888-498-5747to purchase the name brand ConFlex® masonry screw.

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Jun 17th 2013 Bob Carlisle

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