Sammys® 1/2" Swivel Threaded Rod Anchor for Light gauge steel, 1/2"-13 Rod Size, 3/8" x 1" Screw Size - SXP 3.5 - 8271957, 25/Box

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  • Saves time from traditional methods. 
  • Reduces installation costs. 
  • Quick to install using the Sammys Nut Driver. 
Products Specifications 
Rod Size 1/2" - 13 
Substrate Metal Deck, Purlin or Tubular Steel 
Mount Style Swivel 
Drive Sammys X-Press IT® Installation Tool (8194910) 
Substrate Fastener Size 3/8" x 1" 
Diameter 0.375 
  1. Using an SDS 250 carbide tip bit or a HEX RECEIVER with a #250 carbide tip bit, pre-drill the concrete member to a depth of 2” with a hammer/ rotary hammer drill set on impact mode. 
  2. After pre-drilling has been completed, install the SLEEVE TOOL over the bit (the bit should remain in the drill), and insert the #14SW (red) nut driver (p/n 8114910) into the opposite end. 
  3. Insert the SWC screw into the nut driver. 
  4. Place tip of screw into the pre-drilled hole, turn impact/drill unit to drill mode and begin insertion. When the nut driver spins free on the SWC screw, installation is complete. Stop and remove drill. 
  5. The SWC screw is ready to receive 1/4”, 3/8” or metric all thread rod or bolt stock. 

Note: Use a 1200 maximum RPM drill for installation.

Note: Do not install concrete screws while the drill unit is in impact mode — doing so will destroy the pullout factor of the fastener 

SPECIAL NUT DRIVER SYSTEM: The nut drivers were designed with a unique spin-off feature which provides a fast and safe installation each time. When the face of the driver comes into contact with the material you are installing into, continue drilling until nut driver spins free. Installation is then complete. Warranty requires the use of the appropriate nut driver for installations.

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Additional Information

Rod Size:
1/2" - 13
Metal Deck, Purlin or Tubular Steel
Mount Style:
Sammys X-Press IT® Installation Tool (8194910)
Substrate Fastener Size:
3/8" x 1"
Box Qty:
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