Tapcon Concrete Screws

Tapcon Concrete Screws

The design of the Tapcon® concrete screw allows them to anchor into concrete, brick, and block. Tapcon® concrete screws tap threads into a predrilled hole in concrete, brick or block. The 5/32" bit is used for the 3/16" Tapcon® concrete screw and the 3/16" bit is used for the 1/4" Tapcon. These bits can be used for either the standard blue Tapcon or the stainless steel Tapcons. The large diameter Tapcons use regular ANSI standard bits.

• The standard blue Climaseal® Tapcon® screw are a light duty masonry anchor primarily used in dry indoor applications for attaching items to concrete, brick or block.
• They can be used in applications ranging from attaching 2x4 lumber to concrete, a light fixture to brick, or furring strips to a block wall.

• Installation of the Tapcon® screw is a simple four step process: drill, clean, insert and drive.
• The Tapcon® screw requires the correct diameter of hole to be drilled for the diameter of the Tapcon® screw being installed. The 1/4” requires a 3/16” hole, and the 3/16” requires a 5/32” hole to be drilled into the base material.
• The hole needs to be drilled to a length that will insure that the Tapcon® screw, once fully installed, does not bottom out in the hole.
• To insure that the Tapcon® screw does not strip the threads tapped into the base material, the last several turns of the screw should be done by hand.

• Holding values of the Tapcon® screw will differ based on the strength of the base material that the screw will be installed. A rule of thumb is that the harder the base material then the better the holding values.
• The Tapcon® screw is considered a light duty fastener and should only be used in light loading applications, such as an electrical junction box to concrete or wood to brick.
• The Tapcon® screw should never be removed and replaced back in to the same hole because the holding values may deteriorate to zero.

• The Tapcon® screw is available in two head styles: hex slotted washer head for surface mounted fastening or the flat Phillips counter sunk where the top of the head is flush with the surface of the item being fastened.
• Different lengths of Tapcon® screw are used for different thickness of materials being fastened. The Tapcon® screw requires a minimum embedment of 1” and a maximum embedment of 1-3/4”. To determine the maximum length screw to use for any specific application, add the thickness of the material to the minimum embedment of 1” to get the minimum length screw required. Adding the maximum embedment of 1-3/4” to the thickness of the material being fastened will provide the maximum length of Tapcon® screw to use.



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