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Online ordering is as convenient and simple as selecting items for the shopping cart and using the special promo code that will guarantee the best pricing. Simply adding a purchase order number before the order is submitted will complete the transaction.  By setting up an account, the “bill to” and “ship to” information is saved for future access.  Pricing is accurate due to the special promo code that is unique for every individual customer.


Concrete Fastening Systems ships from one location in the United States, which is a rarity among most manufacturers. Because the entire inventory is under the same roof, there is one shipment and one invoice.  Our one location simplifies the shipping process to provide accurate transactions. Our one location is also one of the reasons our fasteners and anchors cost less than our competitors' products.


There is an old saying that “you can’t sell from an empty cart."  The inventory at Concrete Fastening Systems is so fully stocked that every single item sold will be available in the Cleveland, Ohio warehouse.  By having a single location, inventory is not spread out. Instead, every order is ready to ship completely.  Many manufacturers of concrete fasteners do not carry complete lines of anchors and merely stock the A or B items.  Concrete Fastening Systems has in-stock all items from A to Z. We specialize in fasteners and anchors for masonry applications ONLY!


Concrete fasteners are unique types of fasteners.  The terminology, measurement, size, and application are different from those of the standard nut and bolt. Most companies have limited technical expertise. Their knowledge covers only the product they sell, and they are unable to give assistance without a part number.  At Concrete Fastening Systems, knowledge of the industry includes competitors’ part numbers, product lines, pricing, history, and inventory. This expertise ensures correct dissemination of information and leads to proper product selection.

  • Cross Reference – any competitor’s item number can be easily cross-referenced and the exact product can be found; an equivalent fastener can be matched and can often be sold at a lower price.
  • All Sizes – by having all sizes and types in stock, the proper anchor will be sold for the required application.
  • Installation – the correct and complete installation is an important factor in the proper installation of concrete fasteners; detailed instructions that feature videos are available.
  • Trouble Shooting – knowing the right questions to ask helps determine the exact problem and ensures proper resolution and successful installation.


Many competitors choose not to carry many items because they are not big sellers or because they do not have full knowledge of fasteners.

  • For example, a number of manufacturers do not have longer lengths of certain diameters of wedge anchors, i.e. the 1/2” x 12” or the 5/8” x 10”.  Concrete Fastening Systems not only has these lengths in stock in the standard zinc plating but also has hot-dipped galvanized, 304/303 and 316 stainless steel.
  • Importers of nuts and bolts also import concrete fasteners, and two of them actually sell a concrete fastener. But these companies do not provide the setting tool with which to set the anchor.  Without the setting tool, the concrete fastener is useless!

American Made

Concrete Fastening Systems carries a complete line of American made wedge anchors in zinc plated, hot dipped galvanized, 303 and 316 stainless steel, as well as drop-in anchors in zinc plated, 303 and 316 stainless steel.

Purchase Anchors

May 8th 2012 Bob Carlisle

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