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Types for Brand Names

Concrete Fastening Systems chooses to use the generic name of the anchor as its designated name.   For the sake of clarity, the wedge anchor is called the wedge anchor, a sleeve anchor is named a sleeve anchor and a hammer drive is referred to as a hammer drive.   Other manufacturers may complicate and create communication problems for customers by using their special brand name for their products.  Customer confusion in the purchasing of concrete fasteners can be related to the use or misuse of brand names, such as a customer erroneously referring to all concrete screws as “Tapcons.”

Complete Line

Concrete Fastening Systems is the only manufacturer to sell the complete line of each type of anchor.  Wedge anchors come in nine different diameters, but most manufacturers do not sell or carry them in the 5/16”, 7/8” or 1-1/4” sizes. If they do have them in the zinc plated carbon steel, they do not have them in hot-dipped galvanized, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel.  Each diameter of wedge anchor comes in different lengths but most manufacturers do not have the longer lengths of 8-1/2”, 10” and 12” or diameters of 1/2” and above.  Many of the lengths in the hot-dipped galvanized and both stainless steel varieties are only the “A” items, i.e. 3-3/4, 4-1/4.

Two Lines

The Concrete Fastening Systems line includes a complete line of imported anchors as well as a line of domestic wedge anchors, drop-in anchors, and Tapcon masonry screws.  Imported masonry screws do not meet the same standards and do not perform as well in all types of base material.  Many anchors such as the double expansion, single expansion, hammer drive, lag shields, machine screw anchor, strike anchor and split drive anchors are no longer manufactured in the United States and are imported by all companies selling concrete fasteners.


The sole difference between the CONFAST brand and other brands is the price of the item.  Purchasing a CONFAST brand concrete fastener will cost you less than if the same item is purchased from other brands.  When you purchase from Concrete Fastening Systems you are purchasing direct.   Other brands may go through two or more channels of distribution, which costs more money.  The expensive retail stores, freight cost, and handling charges also contribute to increased cost for the end user.  Concrete Fastening Systems has one location and ships all products the same day that the order is received.  Most shipments are received in two days by customers within the continental United States. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii takes about 3 days.

Freight Cost

The cost of freight can be expensive and most of the CONFAST brand products are heavy.   Utilizing both USPS and UPS has minimized freight costs.   When freight costs are added to the product, the total cost is still 25% to 50% less than if purchased from other outlets.


Below is a complete listing of all the different types of concrete fasteners that Concrete Fastening Systems carries - including the CONFAST brand name used and other companies’ brand names as well.

Generic Name CONFAST Brand Name Others Brand Name
Wedge Anchor Wedge Anchor Kwik-Bolt, Wedge-all, Power-Stud, ThunderStud, Sup-r-Stud, Power Bolt, Trubolt.
Sleeve Anchor Sleeve Anchor Super-r-Sleeve, Thunderbolt, Lok Bolt, Dynabolt.
Strike Anchor Strike Anchor All-American Anchor, Easy Set.
Drop-In Anchor Drop-In Anchor HDI, DI, Sup-r-Drop
Tapcon Tapcon Tapper, Conset, Consert, Titen
Metal Hit Anchor Metal Hit Anchor Zamacs, Zamac Hammer Screw, Zap-it, Zinc Nailon.
Split Drive Anchor Split Drive Anchor Sup-r-Split, CSD, MSD, DSD, Spike, Drive
Machine Screw Anchor Machine Screw Anchor ESA, Calk-In, Caulk-In, Sup-r-Caulk
Lag Shield Lag Shield LSES, Sup-r-Lead, Shell Expansion.
Nylon Nail-Its Nylon Nail-Its Nylon Nailon, Nylon Nailin, Tap-it
Single Expansion Anchor Single Expansion Anchor SMSA, Import Single
Double Expansion Anchor Double Expansion Anchor DMSA, Double

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Jan 6th 2013 Bob Carlisle

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