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Big box stores, such as Home Depot and Lowe's, have a small section of their huge stores dedicated to a couple of the most popular sized concrete fasteners that they think customers may need. The selection available in terms of variety, style, and size are limited. For example, the wedge anchor is stocked in diameters up to 5/8" with a couple of different lengths in each diameter. Wedge anchors are stocked in zinc plating with a couple of sizes available in the galvanized style. Tapcons are stocked in small packaged quantities with the largest quantity being 75 pieces. Not all sizes are stocked at these stores. Other concrete anchors, such as hammer drive anchors and lag shields, can be found in limited sizes and are sold individually. The salespeople's knowledge about fastening to concrete and concrete anchors is limited. The per-piece cost to the end user is also higher when anchors are purchased in small or individual quantities. If you only need a small number of concrete anchors, buying fasteners at a big box store may be your best option.

Typical local hardware stores, such as Ace Hardware, stock a small selection of anchors in certain quantities. Each individual store's inventory may differ, with some having a larger selection than others. Most of these concrete anchors will be zinc plated with a couple of sizes available in the galvanized style. Depending on the individual store, a customer may be able to find a store employee with some level of knowledge of concrete fasteners and their uses. Buy from your local hardware store when you need a few concrete anchors in a short amount of time.

Contractor supply companies such as White Cap sell concrete anchors to construction and industrial contractors. The knowledge level of these salespeople is in most cases higher than those at your local hardware or big box store. In most cases, however, they only have knowledge of the specific brand(s) they stock. Most of these fasteners will be sold in box quantities with some flexibility of breaking boxes depending on the individual store's policy. The quantities stocked at these locations are usually larger as they stock to provide and service their main customer base. This customer base usually needs concrete anchors in large quantities. This requires a larger inventory of each item in a larger variety. In most cases, the typical contractor supply store will have a couple of boxes of the most popular concrete anchors in stock.

Customers also have another option when buying concrete fasteners. Customers can choose to buy directly online. Concrete Fastening Systems is the place to buy concrete anchors online. This is a perfect choice if you don't need the anchors today and also don't need individual pieces. Concrete Fastening Systems specializes in stocking and selling concrete fasteners of all types. This includes anchors of varying diameters and lengths and those that are zinc plated, made of stainless steel and also of the galvanized style. Stocking all of these types of anchors is important when the specific anchor needed for an application is critical. For example, certain applications such as fastening 2x4s to concrete will require a certain anchor with specific diameters and lengths. Based on minimum embedment requirements and other factors, a very specific concrete fastener may be needed. Customers may not know the exact anchor that is needed for their unique application- this is where expert knowledge is extremely valuable. Knowledge of concrete fasteners and their uses only comes from experience, application knowledge and an in-depth understanding of competitor's products. At Concrete Fastening Systems, we have over 35 years of experience and worldwide knowledge of all of these things. We have developed this expertise through direct selling concrete anchors to all 50 states and to major continents around the world, buying directly from American manufacturers as well as importing from a number of different countries around the globe. Buying online from CONFAST provides customers and end users with many benefits including:

  • Lower prices from buying directly
  • Cutting out the distributor
  • Savings as high as 70% on some items

There are numerous benefits gained from purchasing your concrete anchors and fasteners online at CONFAST.com. Not only is buying online quick and convenient, customers can also save money! Take a look at our wide selection of available concrete fasteners and anchors now!

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Jul 7th 2009 Bob Carlisle

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