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Tapcon Installation (not using the Installation Tool)

  • Use a hammer drill in the hammer mode to drill the hole in the base material.
  • Drill hole with the 5/32” diameter bit for the 3/16” Tapcon and with a 3/16” carbide bit for the 1/4” Tapcon.  Make sure that the carbide bit that is being used meets ANSI standards to ensure proper hole tolerance.
  • Drill hole a minimum of 1/2” deeper than the screw will penetrate the base material.  
  • With a wire brush, vacuum or compressed air, clean the hole of all dust.
  • Insert point of tapcon into the hole.  Make sure that the Tapcon being installed will penetrate the base material a minimum of 1” but no deeper than 1-3/4”

HEX TAPCON – Using a hex driver of 1/4” for the 3/16” diameter and a 5/16” for the 1/4” tapcon, turn the tapcon clockwise applying slight pressure until the head of the tapcon is snug against the material being fastened.

FLAT TAPCON –Using a #2-bit tip for the 3/16” tapcon and a #3-bit tip for the 1/4” tapcon, turn the tapcon screw clockwise applying slight pressure until the head of the fasteners is snug and completely countersunk into the material being fastened.

Installation Using the Installation Tool

The installation tool is made up of 5 parts: the drill adaptor, sleeve, bit tip or hex driver and hex key.

  • Insert and tighten drill adaptor into a hammer drill that has either a 3/8” or 1/2” Jacobs style chuck.
  • Place either a 5/32” bit for the 3/16” tapcon or a 3/16” bit for the 1/4” tapcon into the drill adaptor and tighten set screw with a hex key.  Make sure that the bit being used is carbide tipped and meets ANSI standards to ensure the proper size hole and tolerance.
  • Make sure the hammer drill is in the hammer mode and drill the hole into the base material making sure that the hole is a minimum of 1/2” deeper into the base material than the tapcon will penetrate.
  • Clean the hole of all debris and dust with a wire brush, compressed air or vacuum.
  • Take sleeve and insert the drill bit and push until the sleeve is connected to the drill adaptor.
  • Add the correct socket to the end of the sleeve for the tapcon being used.  
  • The3/16” hex tapcon uses a 1/4” socket and the 1/4” hex tapcon uses a 5/16” socket.  
  • The flat head tapcon uses the bit tip socket. Insert the #2-bit tip for the 3/16” flat head tapcon and #3-bit head for the 1/4” flat head tapcon.
  • Place head of tapcon being used into the socket or bit tip at the end of the sleeve.
  • Switch the hammer drill from hammer mode to rotation only.
  • Insert tip of tapcon into the hole in the base material.
  • Pull the trigger on drill and slowly tap threads into the base material until the head of the tapcon is snug against the fixture being fastened.

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Feb 4th 2011 Bob Carlisle

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