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CONFAST® Single Expansion Anchor

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Single Expansion Anchors are designed for anchoring into concrete, brick or block base material. Inserting a machine-threaded bolt into the anchor expands the Single Expansion Anchor against the concrete at a single point. It is made from Zamac, a non-rusting material, and is available in diameters ranging from 1/4" to 3/4". The single expansion anchor is set flush with the base material and is considered a light to a medium-duty fastener.

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Part # Brand / Size Box Qty Bit Size Shipping Price / Box # of Boxes Add
Picture of 1/4" Single Expansion Anchor, 100/Box SE14 100 per box 1/2" Ships Today $36.00
Picture of 5/16" Single Expansion Anchor, 50/Box SE516 50 per box 5/8" Ships Today $27.50
Picture of 3/8" Single Expansion Anchor, 50/Box SE38 50 per box 5/8" Ships Today $29.50
Picture of 1/2" Single Expansion Anchor, 25/Box SE12 25 per box 7/8" Ships Today $35.00
Picture of 5/8" Single Expansion Anchor, 25/Box SE58 25 per box 1" Ships Today $53.75
Picture of 3/4" Single Expansion Anchor, 10/Box SE34 10 per box 1-1/4" Ships Today $34.70
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